8 Homepage Design Examples With Proven Conversions

Earlier, I did a piece on some fantastic front page examples built like landing pages and it featured many agencies, freelancers, influencers, individuals, and companies that understood the need for a homepage design that should be built for conversions.

It helps to remember that you can’t arrive at high-converting homepage designs or landing page designs that actually work without making sure that you have very specific offers, great branding elements, and a sense of chutzpah.

But then, there are some homepage examples that actually convert. Here are some of them:





We love Mailchimp here at Funnelserve (and we use it here). For our main agency website, we use Drip (because the agency has a few specific needs that Drip does justice to).

For a long time now, Mailchimp’s home page has been a breadwinner. The home page not only added to MailChimp's overall inbound marketing and branding efforts, but it actually gave them new users (want to call them leads?) who’d later on upgrade to paid plans.

MailChimp literally makes money off its homepage. Period. Did you notice the mascot, by the way?



Be a Host on Airbnb

Airbnb strikes off so many plus points with its simple home page (which is a landing page by definition) that it’s hard to not put it on this list.

What does everyone want to do ultimately? Make money.

Airbnb gets right to the point by using a form with just three inputs to show you how much money you could make as an Airbnb host.

If you input place and choose the number of guests, it’ll show you how much you can make in an instant. If that doesn’t lead you to sign up to be an Airbnb host, I don’t know what will.





While it’s a relatively new kid on the block compared to a few other bigwigs here, Logojoy has a lot of things going for it. For one, the homepage design is much like a landing page where the focus is to have you sign up and start creating your logo.

Nothing more. Nothing less. No distractions. No gimmicks.

Logojoy’s advantage is that their product is powered by Artificial intelligence. From sign up for a sale (if and when you buy their logo packages), Logojoy has almost automated their entire business (minus support and the effort it takes to promote themselves).

That homepage then is the forever-on, 24 x 7 sales machine.


Shopify Free Trial


Simplicity is often the money maker. While we simply refuse to work towards keeping things simple, Shopify is ahead of the game with ultra-simple but high-converting landing pages.

All that the page has is a headline, a subheading, a product snapshot, a simple horizontal email sign up form, a few logos for social proof and that’s it.

Shopify free trial page brings in thousands of users initially who go on to build their Shopify stores.

This store you are on was also built on Shopify.




We use Unbounce here at funnelserve to develop landing page templates or to provide custom funnels for your business. We are huge fans of Unbounce and we’d list the company on practically every list we’d ever create.

But favoritism aside, Unbounce’s home page design was a crucial driver for the company’s growth from being a humble startup.

Unbounce is an honest company and it genuinely cares about its ever-growing customer base. Plus, it’s a transparent company (they even have a staff-driven blog that bares it all for the world to see).

As Terry Dawes of Cantech Letter writes:

“In the world of marketing, candor is a vanishingly rare and refreshing quality. In stark contrast to most content marketing specialists, Unbounce has made a virtue of ruthless honesty and employing unforgiving metrics for proving which techniques are borderline worthless and which are effective. They’ve been rewarded for this candor with explosive growth in their customer base and a reputation as thought leaders in their field.”

Need I say more?





Thanks to this homepage design (actually this is a new one and there was another version before this), more than 70,000+ companies across 140 countries depend on WPEngine to power their Wordpress websites, to keep their business sites secure, and to allow for superior Wordpress managed hosting to do good for their respective businesses.

WPEngine also boasts of an array of fantastic tools to help host and manage your website along with active protection from malware, a staging feature (so that you don’t screw up your live website) and more.






You have to just love it when brevity works. Pocketmath’s landing page doesn’t waste words on you. They just get to the point with a headline and three short points. That illustration on the background is certainly quirky and engaging, to say the least.

Pocketmath is now the world’s largest, 100% self-serve, Mobile advertising platform. It delivers around 40 billion mobile impressions per day by the end of 2015, according to MarketWired

The company has grown from strength to strength. That home page was driving the happy wagon throughout.

Litmus App 


Litmus App

Litmus is a popular app that helps you build email newsletters that just work. With their suite of tools available such as Email builder, Email Checklist, Email tests across inboxes, Spam tests, and more. it's a must-have for every business, agency, and freelancers who work with email marketing design or email marketing. 

The Litmus App home gets to work as soon as you visit the website. All that you have to do is to sign up. After that, magic happens. 

What are some of those landing page styled homepage designs you've come across that simply work? Tell us about it. 


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