3 Crappy Landing Pages Of Large Brands You Won't Believe Exist

If you think about big name brands like Salesforce, Hubspot, Marketo, Pardot, etc., you'd think that they'd know what they are doing, especially when it comes to landing pages. 

Sadly, it's almost shocking that some big brands still don't know a thing about creating landing pages that convert. 

The only plausible reasons that they see any conversions at all can be attributed to brand power and social proof. If any of those brands were much smaller (with little or no clout), none of these landing pages would work. Ever. 

Here are three such examples of big brands with crappy landing pages: 




Salesforce Landing Page



For the size, popularity, and sheer clout of Salesforce, the company seriously needs to work on its landing pages for sure. While we certainly like the short and concise approach to the landing page, the form is a bummer (really, who fills up such ugly and long forms nowadays?). 

A few other good things in favor of the page? 

  • The brand. It goes a long way to compensate for any damage the landing page might do. 
  • Geo-location based customization. 
  • Testimonials (but not overdoing it, and that's nice). 

What damages this page's potential? Long forms are absolute conversion killers. 


Hubspot Landing Page Examples

Make no mistake, Hubspot is a marketing juggernaut. It's that one company that does content marketing remarkably well. So much that it's become the perfect example for every other business to follow. 

Yet, for the inbound marketing monster machine that Hubspot is, I've never really liked their approach to landing pages. It's like while the pros are busy creating some amazing content, a bunch of interns must be working on their ever-growing repository of landing pages.

Unnecessarily Long forms, bad use of color, and a little too much text (than necessary) are the usual culprits for Hubspot's landing pages. 

Microsoft Azure 

Microsoft Azure


You can trust Microsoft to be big. You also won't be surprised if their landing pages suck big time. This particular landing page is for Microsoft Azure and it does half the job right. 

The other half is a complete disaster. Look at the huge navigation menu on top? The folks at MS can avoid that and we'd feel a little less intimidated, you know? 

The live chat prompt? Those don't belong on landing pages; they belong on proper websites. 

The trouble with Microsoft is that it doesn't bother creating standalone, completely-focused landing pages. Their development team just creates a new page on their already existing flow of pages and they call it a landing page. 

Not done. 

What are some of those present-day examples of large brands going wrong with their landing pages? Share them here in the comments section below. 

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