Landing Pages Live: Understanding Marketing Workflows

How exactly do you work with landing pages? What is A/B testing when you want to understand it visually? How do you allocate your ad budgets? If you had a landing page, how would it be audited?

You might have a lot of questions regarding landing pages and our “Landing Pages Live” series is an attempt to you make you understand exactly how landing pages work and with everything on digital marketing that has to do with landing pages.

For this post, we’ll take a few steps back and start from the basics.

If a landing page has two versions, how does that look like? How do you allocate PPC budgets, regardless of the platform you use? Then, we’ll take a landing page apart and audit it so you’d understand nuances of landing page design better.

Here we go:


  • It all starts with an offer you are making (free consultation, free eBook, free whitepaper, free trial, free samples, free whatever).  The offer is made with an ad like a Facebook Ad. 

The ads above will point to a landing page ( this landing page would have a single URL but two versions will be shown at random to visitors for testing one version against the other).  

A landing page (example below)  presents the offer (the landing page also has two versions A & B for testing). The difference between two variants is usually only one element that'll you'll be testing. 


Version A

Landing Page Example


Version B 


Landing Page Example 


  • An autoresponder system (like MailChimp or Drip) that ensures lead quality with a "double opt-in -- where leads have to confirm their registration by clicking on a link that goes out immediately after someone signs up for your offer. "
  • Once people start visiting your landing page, Unbounce has A/B testing included for the landing pages to determine which version of the landing page works better ( traffic will be sent to each version at random -- 50% of traffic goes to page version A and 50% goes to page version B)

What follows after this depends on your business.

Completely online businesses like mine will continue a lead nurturing sequence to make sales happen. Other businesses might have to place phone calls, etc.  


How are your landing page workflows setup? 

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